Getting things done

Blog post number 17. I don’t really have anything to write this week other than that I’ve been reading David Allen’s Getting Things Done and implemented a new personal system for productivity.

I’m using the app “Todoist” which seems OK, however it is not strictly adopted to the Getting things done framework. Makes me wonder if there is an opportunity for creating an “todo-app” (like me previous idea on that is based on the GTD methodology. Like Superhuman it would prod the user do work a certain way with it.

One issue with most todo-app is that they are blank canvases where you can apply almost any methodology. The flip side of this is that you don’t get much help in your organizing work. The app I’m picturing would be very game like in that it would prod you to take certain actions until you “in”-box was empty.

I will try to use Todoist and see if it works well enough. If I feel I want a more helpful app I might try to think up one.