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I’m taking a break from Product strategy discussion this week and am trying out a new type of post today – “Product Idea” where I describe an idea or a project I’m working on. 

One of my current side projects is learning web development with React. I follow along a Udemy course which so far has been a great way for me to learn but my goal is to create my own projects and web applications. So I have been thinking a bit on fun projects to try.

I’m currently reading David Allen’s productivity classic “Getting things done” and got inspired by the process he lays out for capturing and then clarifying (sorting) “stuff”. One of Allen’s main points is that our brains are not made for holding information. Our brains are good at creating new ideas and concepts. Therefore, using your brain to remember things is very inefficient. You both run a high risk of forgetting things and trying to remember the things takes up a lot of the brain’s capacity. 

So instead of remembering stuff you should capture the stuff in a trusted system. A trusted system can be any system (analog or digital) where you have the appropriate routine to follow up and sorting through. I’ve been trying out different products for this purpose during the last weeks (Google Keep, one note, mailing, iPhone notes) but I find that all of them both want you to take notes and organize notes in the same app. This has the effect that before you can actually start typing a note you have to make a couple of taps / clicks. This becomes a bit cumbersome when you are walking and want to jot something down that just crossed your mind.

Product idea 1: “”

Product vision: The easiest way to get stuff from your head and into digital form

Description: This would be an app (initially web) with only one feature. When you open the app there’s a blank screen. Tap it once and start typing to take notes. The notes are continuously saved (compare how Google Docs works) so even if you just close down your browser the notes are saved.

What it’s not: What’s more interesting is what this product is not. This is not a product for managing notes. In fact you can’t even access your note. When you open this app there is only one thing you can do: getting stuff from your head into digital form. 

Product idea 2: “”

Product vision: The best tool for sorting through your notes

Description: This is the important sister – app to This is where all your notes end up. The main view is intray looking similar to the tinder interface but instead of potential partners presents your notes one a the time and makes it fun to sort them by quickly swiping through them. 

I will report back here with any progress I make on this project!