Products need to prove that jobs are being done

This post refers to “jobs” which is a reference to Clayton Christensen’s work on Jobs to be done (

Your product should help users get their “jobs” done. Apart from helping the users get their jobs done the product also need to show the user that their jobs have, in fact, been done. For some jobs this is the same thing. For example: buying a power drill to make a hole, the user of that product knows when the job has been done (when his new poster is hanging on the wall).

However some jobs are not as visible. Take the example of internet advertising. The customer’s job is to drive traffic to its site (and ultimately to increase sales). However in this case the customer doesn’t know when you have helped him with his job. What you do instead is to provide data giving proof that the job has been done.

This might sound very banal but I believe it’s quite common that products underdeliver on giving proofs on jobs to be done. Customer’s then start distrusting your product and starts suggesting features. I.e. they don’t trust that their jobs are being done so they try to come up with suggestions on changes in the product that could make it solve their jobs better.

This is not the type of discussion you want to have. You want to talk effect and outcomes, not features. And one way to get there is to give the users proof (usually in the form of data) that their jobs are being done.